This is the first year I have seen so much activity from the bullfinch and although it is primarily the male that is conspicuous, I have also seen a female so I am cautiously optimistic that they will breed and increase the bullfinch population around me. The picture shows the male foraging in rough ground in front of an old stone cowshed.




4 thoughts on “Bullfinch

  1. This is a beautiful shot! I had not appreciated just how peachy orange Pyrrhula pyrrhula is! Even more impressive (in its own way) is the emerging fern behind it/the dead Lady’s Mantle leaf. It must be very mild where you are!

  2. Thanks Oliver. It’s obvious that you appreciate nature and yes it is quite mild here in Carmarthenshire, we have escaped the snow that many have experienced.

  3. Are you a photographer as well? I’m a canon girl. I have a few cameras now but the one I use most is the 5DMk2 with a 400mm f5.6L lens for the birdshots or a 70-200mm f2.8L.

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