Moth (Engrailed)

This was one of two moths on my wall this morning. Unfortunately I am unable to provide a name for it. Any suggestions welcome.

Moth on a white wall

Engrailed Moth (Ectotropis bistortata)


4 thoughts on “Moth (Engrailed)

  1. According to my books it is an Engrailed Moth (Ectotropis bistortata). Has two broods March and July. The larvae feeds on various trees and it is found in Britain and Europe. I presume the colouring and fluffy wing edges are to do with camouflage when on tree bark (unless the edges are something to do with silent flight).

  2. Thank you very much Cathy. I don’t have a book on moths only butterflies, and the internet pages I looked at didn’t show anything I thought resembled my moth. 🙂

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