One of a group spotted on Marazion beach on 22nd September.

Looking for food


2 thoughts on “Turnstone

  1. I love this shot. What is most apparent is the camouflage of the bird’s feathers. If it weren’t for that washing-powder-white breast, I think I might struggle to spot him/her. Judging by the pebbles in the background, they must be quite titchy birds too?

  2. They are a beautiful bird roughly the size of a starling. They were very difficult to spot until they moved. When first spotted they seemed to freeze, but then after a while they appeared to ignore me even when the camera was clicking. It was fantastic watching the way they pushed the seaweed away with their heads to find their food source underneath. We went back the following evening and they were there again but bathing in a trickle of water running down to the sea. There are photos of this that I will post if they turn out well.

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