7 thoughts on “Cornflower

    • Hi Ol. Thanks for the identification, I wasn’t quite sure what it was. It is growing in the bottom of one of my hedges along with other wild flowers. It really is a deeper blue and purple than it appears. Taken in bright sunlight – shoot the poor photographer! I’ll have another go at it though.

      • It’s probably montana looking at it. I don’t believe it is endemic to the British Isles and is likely an escapee from a garden. I love Centaurea species. I once spent a summer working on the insect communities that live in Centaurea nigra. I spent hours painting tiny dots on the backs of female picture-wing flies.

      • You have lived an interesting life. I hadn’t even heard of a picture-wing fly. Maybe you can be more sure in your identification when I provide a more accurate image. 😉

      • They are quite pretty actually. But not as amazing as scorpion flies, one of which was indoors yesterday – Google them if you get the chance, they really do have that incredible enlarged ‘tail’. Sadly we failed miserably to capture it’s magnificence. Much work and more kit required to be able to do close up photography properly.

        Look for the flowerhead(s) on your centaurea after they are setting seed. You might be interested to take a few off and to put them in paper bags to see what hatches from them. (Ever the naturalist … )


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