Puffin on Skomer

Puffin with eels


14 thoughts on “Puffin on Skomer

    • Thanks. It did require some patience. However in this location the puffins come so close to you that that is a thrill in itself. They were actually too close at times.

  1. This is an incredible shot. Please write more bout how you managed to capture it. Is this a maxi telephoto shot? How did the bird get that sideways beak full down its throat? They are all facing the wrong way!

    • Hi, Sue. This was taken on an island where the puffins breed and there is actually a footpath through the area of rabbit burrows where they breed, so you can get almost close enough to touch them. Sometimes the birds come in off the sea with the eels and land on the edge of the cliff. They then hesitate before crossing the path to get to their burrow. (Probably because there are so many photographers along the path.) I was a few metres away from this bird using a 400mm lens. Puffins don’t swallow the eels, apparently they drop them on the floor of the burrow or pass them to their young. http://projectpuffin.audubon.org/puffin-faqs

    • Thank you, Tony. The Farne Islands are not a million miles away from you. I had some good shots from there a few years ago. However the puffins don’t come in as close to you as they do on Skomer. I too am envious of your marsh harriers as we don’t see them here. Hope you enjoyed Norfolk.

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