A rare sight of this bird, flying over my house tonight. We have positioned two swift boxes on the side of the house in the hope that they may take up residence and breed. Let’s hope for next year.



4 thoughts on “Swift

  1. Fab photo! I’ve had three pairs of swifts nesting in my house for years – they were there long before me. I’ve often wondered if they’re the same three pairs year after year – I’ve no idea how long they live. They’re very welcome visitors, but they do dominate things from May to August: one nest is right above a window, so that can’t be opened very wide; bushes in the garden have to be kept chopped to give them a clear flight path; and we even moved the washing line for the same reason! (maybe I’m just a bit too soft:)

    • You are not soft at all. I think it is wonderful that you have three pairs returning each year. I do hope we get some next year as we have seen them flying around a few times. Thanks for telling me about your swifts 🙂

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