Proudly looking out for his hen. He has two normally, I think the other one may be sitting.



12 thoughts on “Pheasant

  1. Herons, lambs, now pheasants…you and I are clearly living in similar worlds. The reason you haven’t seen pheasants on my blog is that I haven’t got a single good photo. I have been chasing them for a fortnight, and so far I have blurry pheasants, pheasants in shadows, pheasants running into the distance across the fields, and invisible pheasants squawking behind the house, then disappearing. Two extremely fat hens walked across the yard last week, but I haven’t seen either of them for a week. So I’m delighted to see your photo, all sharp with beautiful colours!

    • Ah, well now…..the secret is not to ‘chase’ them but to encourage them to come to you with bird seed. My pheasants started to come and eat the seed that the birds had dropped or thrown out so I started to tempt them with seed. It doesn’t usually take long. Mine come running to me now if they are hungry and take the seed from my hand. I have even had them looking in the kitchen window from a wall as if they were asking for food. They get sunflower seed hearts no less and fresh water to drink, Lol. Good luck in the future 🙂

      • Update on the pheasant front. I went off to London and ignored the pheasants for a while. On my return to Northern Ireland I was rudely awoken at 6am by a squawk, followed by a noise that sounded like a lawnmower engine starting. A few minutes later, same squawk, same engine. The cock pheasant was standing in the field right outside my bedroom window, crowing and beating his wings. Now I’m not sure if I want to attract them any closer!!

      • Karolyn, be not afraid! He was only stating his territory, nothing more. They are not vicious. It was quite amusing today when one of the hen pheasants that I feed approached the kitchen door, looked in (I thought she was seeking more seed) then settled down to take in the sun. They are very endearing birds if they trust in you.

      • I’m not getting very far with the trust-building. I almost stood on the hen pheasant tonight, as I went for a walk round the edge of the field. I was just out for exercise, not thinking about birds at all, and suddenly this not-as-plump-as-before brown hen rose up and flew across the field, revealing the cutest little chicks. I saw two – there may be more. I hope mother and babies recover from the shock.

      • I’m sure mother will be fine. I hope the chicks survive though, because whenever I have seen any here they don’t survive long. I think the magpies take them.

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