Black Darter, Female Teneral (?)

Black Darter


6 thoughts on “Black Darter, Female Teneral (?)

  1. Cors Caron is a really great place to visit, Suzy and I were there not so long ago. Maybe chasing the same dragonfly. Last year we got really lucky and ran into an adder. I was less brave and stayed behind at least 300mm of distance 😀

    • This was our first visit and I thought it was wonderful. No snake (thank goodness) but lots of lizards. There were lots of different forms of the common darter and the black darter on the boardwalk fence as we were leaving. Are there many birds there in winter? We didn’t get to the hide, just the boardwalk.

      • Yay you saw the lizards they are cool, but a little skittish. Birds seem few and far between there it seems, Ynys-hir seem a better place to go for birds.

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