Large Skipper

I am certain this butterfly is a skipper but I am not sure which, I think it is the large skipper.

Large Skipper


6 thoughts on “Large Skipper

  1. Hi Joyce, It is not a Large, they have “blotchy” chequered wings and importantly hooked tip to the antennae. This is either a Small or an Essex. You really need a head on shot to tell the two species apart but I would say that this is a Small Skipper. I can just see an orange tip on the near antennae and an Essex wouldn’t have that. If you want to see close ups of the difference just put the animal of your choice into the search box on my blog, all three species are there. That is a great picture, really sharp and I love the tongue 🙂 (proboscis 🙂 🙂 )

    • Thanks Colin. I have seen your post so I didn’t think it was an Essex skipper and it doesn’t look like the small skipper in my little book. I need a better guide I think.

  2. It’s a small skipper IMHO. You can rule out Essex by the antennae as that species has a very black club. Equally you can discount Large because as your learned other poster points out, the wings are very blotchy with dark patches. Interestingly, the Essex appears to be expanding its range and was recorded in Wales in the 2000s (thanks t’internet).

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