13 thoughts on “Kingfisher

    • Thanks Bruce. It was an L lens but not the 400mm, that is away for repair to the manual focus ring. I used a 70-200mm plus a 2x extender and I was really disappointed because this was the best view I had ever had of a kingfisher and the combination gave a soft image compared to the quality I get with the 400mm.

    • Thanks. The kingfisher doesn’t have much of a song/call but birders know immediately when it is close by. If you can view this link you can hear the sound from about 1:27 into the video.

  1. Beautiful photo. I just checked my “source” ( I go to Cornell Lab of Ornithology) to identify the birds I see, couldn’t find anything on the kingfisher other then the Belted Kingfisher. What is this one?

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