The British Swallowtail is restricted to open sedge fens and reed marshes in the Norfolk Broads, where Milk-parsley grows abundantly. This specimen was seen at Strumpshaw Fen.

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Sand Martin

Sand martins nest in sandy river banks or sandy coastal cliffs. The males dig burrows in the cliff and the females then turn the burrows into nest chambers. This bird had been gathering damselflies to bring back to the nest.

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Beautiful Demoiselle

Wood warbler

This warbler is very difficult to spot even though it lets you know it is there with its song. This particular bird was observed at the top of the tree canopy after quite a gruelling climb up a steep rocky path. Listen to its song here

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Cetti’s Warbler

This little bird has an unmistakeable song which you will hear very clearly but rarely will you catch sight of him; if you do it will usually be very fleeting. I was very fortunate to see him and find a clear, narrow opening through the reeds to capture a shot.

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Yellow Hammer


This is a recent visitor to my garden, enjoying eating my bird food. In the past I have had many visiting pheasants that have escaped from a nearby estate that bred them for shooting. Some of them became hand tame and the odd one actually bred and reared young. Unfortunately one brood I  witnessed quickly diminished I suspect due to the predation by magpies. I think the estate has stopped rearing pheasants now so I am surprised to see a very smart cock pheasant appearing. It is a couple of years now since I last saw one here.

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